Match your ancestral jewelry with modern attires


Everyone is not lucky to have ancestral jewelry in possession. Ancestral jewellery is basically a precious piece of ornament that is handed over from one generation to the other. Inherited jewellery can be anything from a pair of simple gold earrings to a very intricately designed “Naulakha”, and it becomes priceless with time. Women of this modern era love ancestral jewelleries even though they are heavy and greatly embellished. You can easily give the ancestral jewellery a twist by pairing them with the correct set of contemporary clothes and it will do the magic on its own.

7 Tips for blending antique ancestral jewelry with beautiful modern attires:

If you feel that the ancestral piece is a junk in the trunk or is not appropriate for present day fashion then think again. If you can mould the fashion sense in you to combine the old inherited jewelry with the beautiful clothes you are sure to dazzle through the spot light.

  1. Heavy hair ornament with sarees – Try out the hair ornament with a beautiful saree gown. Get a beautiful bun with some layers curled up in the front of the face. This look is a sure shot stunner.
  2. Jadau jewelry with heavy embellished sarees – It is basically precious stones set in pure gold. Try this type of set with a lahenga saree and the hair do should be a fish tail braiding. This look will make you look like a royal lady.
  3. Wear a Maang Tika for a simplistic addition – It basically highlights the parting in between the hairline. Designer saree or saree gown or even a maxi dress can look very classy with a maang tika.
  4. Try Nath or big nose ring attached with a chain with just a chiffon – Try to wear the nath with a sheer chiffon or georgette saree which has minimalistic work on itself. The blouse however should be very gorgeous with full sleeve, high neck and an open back. This look is modern and sexy. The nath adds an oomph factor.
  5. Make Kamarbandh your visible belt – Wear a maxi dress fit for the Goddesses and put on that waistband to feel like a Goddess. You can also try to wear a pre stitched saree with the kamarbandh for creating that attractive look.
  6. Add Ratanchur on a hand for that vintage effect – This is basically a bracelet with an extension to the fingers with rings. Though this is a tricky one but if you wear a black palazzo trouser with a light golden colored top along with the Ratanchur on the left hand and a sleek watch on the other hand with a messy top knot, it will surely look stunning. Make sure to make it look like careless beauty. This look will definitely grab the attention of everyone around you.
  7. Lahori Neckpiece with solid colored attires – It is a long chain which consists of pearl beads and gold blocks at an equal interval. If you can get your hands on a white net saree with lace at the bottom and pearl border then do try it with the lahori har for that elegant look.





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