Exploring Agra beyond Taj Mahal !!!

Talk about Agra, and a beautiful mesmerizing white Taj Mahal structure flashes right in front of your eyes as well as the mind.  A wonder in the world, Taj Mahal is undoubtedly not only a place but an experience. A trip to Agra is considered to be incomplete without visiting this love epitome.  So, if you have been to Agra couple of times and feel that there is no more to experience in this city anymore, let me have a chance to prove you wrong.

Being a localite, born and brought up in Agra, I can assure that there is much more to this city than Taj. Though this city does not have big malls and markets like Delhi, high rise buildings like Mumbai and cool teenage joints like Pune, but surely it will keep you entertained with its small eateries, hanging joints, and of course some historic markets and places.

Food, food, and food:

  • Chaat corners: So let’s start with foodies. Agra can be considered as a heaven for chaat and food lovers. Pick up any small or big chaat corner in Agra and I can ensure you that you will not be disappointed. All of them have amazing golgappas, dahi papdi, aloo tikki, aloo chaat, chillas and much more. Talking about the best one, Agra chaat bhandar in Sadar bazaar is old and famous joint. Now, many more joints near this famous shop has been constructed but you can easily locate the popular one with large number of localities flocked around it.

  • Bedmi breakfast: As chole bhature is to Delhi and Vada pav is to Mumbai, Bedmi-Jalebi is to Agra. Being brought up in Agra, Bedmi-Aloo-Jalebi is a tradition when it comes to breakfast. No matter whether there is some occasion or not, breakfast means bedmi ( daal filled kachoris) served with spicy aloo subzi with dahi. To make the combo even more tempting, jalebi is also there to satiate your sweet tooth. Now talking about some popular joints, Deviram at Pratap pura and Anjana cinema.

  • Jakson Omellete: A hidden jem for egg lovers in Agra is Jakson omelette. This old and popular omelette cart are located near Anjana cinema. Nothing fancy about the place ( cant even call it a shop, as egg delicacies are prepared on cart) but everything great about the stuff. I can challenge you that you must not have had egg prepared dishes like here. Omelette, half fry, bhurji, and even boiled eggs are so differently prepared that even non egg lovers will lick their fingers.

Besides the above listed there is a lot more when it comes to food in Agra.

Enjoy luxury at hotels:

Thanks to Taj Mahal, which brings in lots of national as well as international tourists to this city, there is no dearth of hotels. The list of hotels in Agra is never ending, ranging from budget to star rated. So if luxury and comfort is your demand, Agra is the place to be. Above all, during low season, you can get hotels in Agra at amazingly low prices where you simply unwind and enjoy a luxury stay with your family and friend. Some of the popular luxury hotels in Agra are ITC Mughal Sheraton, Amar Vilas, Clarks Shiraz, Taj Gateway, Marriot, and others. Buffet meals, comfortable rooms, swimming pools, gym, spa, and shopping arcade are few of the facilities offered to make your stay memorable.


There are not big malls or supermarkets in Agra, but the city charm is kept alive through its local markets. Sadar bazaar is the most popular and the main hub of the city. The place has something for people of all ages and becomes lively during the evening time. Chaat corners, ice parlors, local shops, kid’s entertainment joints, and small vendors make this a perfect place for an evening outing.Sanjay place is another popular place in Agra which is basically a commercial hub. If you wish to enjoy the old city charm, get into the interiors like Kinari bazaar and adjoining areas.

Panchi Petha:

Agra without petha is like a meal without dessert. Coming to Agra, and not having petha is actually a sin. As a kid, I can relate petha to only its dry and angoori form. But now people wanting something new and more every time, petha has crossed a dozen varieties. Though I had not tired all, but yes the majority of them, and can say that they all have a distinct taste and are amazing. Dry and angoori are still the must have. For trying something new, you can go for paan, chocolate, coconut, and even sugar-free.


So now you have more reasons to be in Agra beside Taj.

And yes, being a little personal, I have another reason to love this place; I met my soul mate, my husband here. So I can say, I found the love of my life, in this city of love – lucky, isntead!!!!


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