Top 8 tips to Enjoy Christmas and New Year bashes without worrying about weight gain


December is the month of celebration, decoration, parties and cheer. Thanks to the gift shops and mall culture, Christmas and New Year is as special in our country as any other festival. Among all the amazing get together, parties, plum cake and delicacies one thing that keeps haunting your mind is your New Year resolution of losing weight, sigh. With past few months dedicated to festivals and parties, your weight loss plans must have tossed up and now with year wrapping up, you also do not wish to miss being your best buddies. So what now – Give up yourself and stand at a failed resolution, or stay away from your dear ones remembering all special moments you spent this year. No need to compromise on anything when you have some handy tips to take care of your fitness even while having gala time at the get together.

So to make your Christmas and New Year parties more enjoyable without worrying about adding extra pounds and weight gain, listed below are some effective, easy and smart tips to follow.

1.Have healthy breakfast: Missing the most important meal of the day- breakfast can definitely do disasters. There is no point missing your breakfast or for that matter any other meal to compensate for the evening party. Make sure to have healthy breakfast with lots of fiber and protein.


2.Eat before leaving: Landing up party scene with empty stomach will make you hog anything and everything that is served. Have a light snack, fruit or salad before leaving for the party so that you are little full and do not drool over temptations.


3.Take small servings: Your best buddies must be definitely good hosts serving finger licking snacks. Make sure to pick up small servings on your plate. Portion size always helps; do not overload your plate with your favorite kababs and breads. Pick a small plate instead of bigger one so that you do not overstock it.


4.Pick smartly: Smart choices always work. Always have a walk past the lavish buffet spread up before piling one dish over the other. Once you know the complete menu, pick the ones that you like and skip the others. It is not at all necessary to try each and everything on the menu. Also try to pick up healthy options like salad, fruits and others.


5.Drink wisely: Wines, cocktails, rums and vodkas are must for this festive season. Knowing the fact that all types of alcohol are fattening and you have to raise a toast to this festivity, the trick lies in controlling the amount you take. Have your drink slowly and enjoy the gossips.


6.Stick to exercise commitment: Partying late nights can be a very strong reason to miss your gym sessions early morning, but remember that you cannot afford to ditch exercise at this moment. Instead of early morning gymming, you can opt for evening sessions, go out for a walk when you have time or spend some time on treadmill at home. Whenever and whatever- but make sure to stick to your exercise commitment.


7.Water, water and water: To keep yourself well hydrated drink lots and lots of water throughout the day. Water will not only help to keep false hunger pangs at bay, but will also aid in detoxifying your body.


8.Be realistic and aim to maintain weight: It’s very important to be realistic when it comes to weight loss issues. With parties and festivity round the corner, weight loss is definitely next to impossible. So instead of giving up yourself, aim at least maintaining weight. With maintained weight, the coming new year resolution will be easier to plan. A few more added pounds will definitely take back you to square one.


So with above simple and effective tips you can indulge in some delicious plum cakes and other delicacies without too much of guilt. Keep watch what you eat and drink and enjoy this time of the year with your loved ones.





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