Get perfect pout with right lipstick shade !!!

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Lip colour is that make up component which can make your look to the best or the worst. The selection of lipsticks should be carefully based on few factors like the occasion, time, dress, personality and above all your skin tone. Consider your skin tone first and see if it’s fair, wheatish or dusky. Apart from this, you also need to look for your undertone – everyone has either warm or cool undertone. If your veins look greenish then you have warm undertone and if they are bluish then you have cool undertone. Lip colours can be selected at its best if you can consider these two factors judiciously and thereby take the decision. Here are useful tips and tricks to follow while selecting a lip colour following your skin tone



  • Fair Skin – Luckily, fair skinned women can choose almost any lip colour that is alluring. However, experts would suggest not going for too dark colours, instead choosing the medium shades will give you a gorgeous look. The fruity and pastel shades like corals and apricot looks lovely on your skin tone. The dark brown and orange hues would not really be appropriate. If you have a warm undertone, try out peach and coral shades, while for cool undertones the best would be mocha and mauve shades.

Fair Skin

  • Wheatish complexion – This is again an advantage as people with wheatish complexion can carry off most of the lip colours confidently. Palettes varying from brown to peach would be suitable, try to avoid nudes as they will make you look pale. The best shades for wheatish and warm undertones would be cinnamon, bronze and copper. The cool undertones would look stunning in shades of pink, and red. Do not go for orange or tomato red; instead you can pick the cranberry hues.


  • Dusky complexion – Women with dusky complexion need not worry as there are many lip colours that would make you look even more attractive even with the darker skin tone. Berry and brown shades are just the right picks; completely avoid pink and bright orange shades. For warm dusky tones, select berry and brown hues; while for cool undertone shades, go for caramel, brownish red, and brick red would be the best options.


  • Dark complexion – For really dark complexion, opt for purple, brown and red lip colours. Avoid the orange shades as they would look odd on you for sure. For warm undertones, select honey, bronze, walnut and copper shades; while for cool undertones, go for wine and ruby colours.


Useful tips to follow while applying lipstick –

Now, that you are well aware of how to choose the lip colour after you have judged your skin tone, here are some more techniques that would ensure the ultimately attractive pout on you –

  • Lipsticks are just not enough to give the complete lip make up; invest in a good quality matching lip liner. Lip liners will prevent the staining of the area around your lips.

make up, applying lips liner pencil on beautiful lips

If you already have some lip colours that were bought on whims and don’t suit you, do not throw them away – you can always mix the colours and create new shades for your pout.


  • If you have accidently bought a very dark shade that is not suiting on your skin tone, apply lip balm before the lipstick and the shade will lighten automatically.


So pick up the right shade and get ready to  flaunt your pout in perfect manner. Know more tips and tricks to look gorgeous this festive season. 

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