Getting a new pair of jeans ? Top tips to select the right type

Get right pair of jeans

Jeans, the most indispensable clothing piece of your wardrobe always give you a tough time while purchasing from store. Jeans shopping is always stressful. You cannot avoid long hours in the trial room but still cannot find the perfect one that will make you look stylish and is also comfortable to move around. You may be of any size or shape but simple tips will give you a flattering look. Just go for the pair that’s perfect for your body. Below given are the tips to get the perfect new pair of jeans:

Different types of Jeans:

Are you sure you do not get confused when you see the labels on a pair of jeans–boot cut, low rise, faired???? !!! So first know your jeans well.

Boot Cut: Straight through the leg with little bit flare at the bottom to fit over the boots.

Boot CutFlare: Much narrower near the knee and the flares are wider at the bottom.

FlaLow rise: The rise of waist is only close to 3 inches down from your belly button.

Low RiseSkinny: All fitted in the leg from hips to ankle and is generally made of stretchable material.

Skinny JeansFacts to remember before picking up:

  •  Try again and again to find if you are comfortable in the pair.
  •  Do not always go by label unless you are very sure as it varies with the brand. Focus on perfect fitting.
  • Darker wash gives you a more flattering look.
  • Distressed jeans with faded spots focuses on a particular part of your body.
  • Pair your jeans with the correct stuff.

Know your body shape and pick the right pair:

Know your body shape

If you know your body shape it is easy for you to find a pair of jeans that will enhance your body by covering your defects. So try it.

Hour glass figure: Look for something in wide legged with flat front and a mid-rise to show case your curves.

Best jeans for hour glass figureApple Shape: Chose something in dark wash as it makes you look slim. Avoid pleats, pockets or any other detailing near the waist as that will drag attention towards your broad waist line. Moderate rise jeans are what you should hunt for.

For Apple ShapePear shaped: Slightly stretchy material and dark wash will be perfect for you. Opt for flare cut as tapered cut will focus your full thighs. Your aim should be to avoid gaping at the waist.

For Pear ShapeCelery stalk shaped /Boy figure: To look more feminine highlight your rectangular hips with welded pockets or belt loops. Never say yes to low-rise jeans.

For Boyish figurePetite figure: A light wash jeans with boot cut or cropped skinny will grab more attention to your curves.

For petiteTall And lean figure: Flare jeans and narrow straight-legged fit you the best but you can also go for any well fitted jeans.

For tallPlus size: Your pick should be straight or boot-cut and of medium width and medium rise.

Plus sizeBefore you set your mind on a pair of jeans do not forget to move around the trial room to get a wow feeling. Ultimately your comfort comes first.


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