Look stunning this festive season !!

look gorgeous

As the month of October approaches, everyone gears up for beauty sessions as festive season is just round the corner. The festive days are erratic, fun filled, enjoyable and all about looking fresh, beautiful and unique in the crowd. To look gorgeous and beautiful, you would need to be very careful about each and every aspect of your looks, starting from skin, hair, hands, nails and even your feet. To add to the sparkle of this occasion, here are some easy-to-follow beauty tips to set a unique style statement –

  • Shape up and tone your body – Although most women are health conscious these days and try to keep themselves in trim shape; but again there are many who had unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits to gain few extra pounds and bulky figure. A few months prior festive month is the right time to shape up but it’s never too late now as well. Start cutting down fats and fried foods; instead take more of fruit juices, boiled and light food. Get your body detox very well so that you can enjoy the festive season without worrying about digestive disorders of getting plumpy.

No fast food

  • Prepare your skin – Healthy and beautiful skin cannot be achieved in a day; a daily skin regime should be followed at least few months prior the festive season. Monthly facial cleaning sessions at professional salons is also important. Taking care of your skin at home can be done by following a weekly scrubbing, regularly cleaning and moisturising practices. For that added glow during the festive days, dab on glittering foundation or compact powders while you do the facial make up.

skin care

  • Visit Salons – The “professional” touch does make a difference! Opt for skin polishing and anti-tan treatment two days before the festivities begin. Use some home packs recommended by a professional beautician everyday during those celebration days. At salon, you can get other services done perfectly like pedicure, manicure, nail art, waxing, threading and bleach if your skin is accustomed to it. If you have a sensitive skin, do not try out new things at the parlour.

visit salon

  • Dress differently – You can create a complete makeover of your image and stun everyone these festive months. Dressing up plays an important role when you wish to stand out from the crowd. Sport the traditional look with a splash of contemporary accessories and style symbols. Don’t go overboard with ethnic elegance with excessively gaudy outfits but merge it with modern jewellery and “No makeup” look. Mix and match is the call of the season, thus the more you get creative and unique with your fashion sense, the more chances are there to be called as a trendsetter.

mix and match

  • Hair styling – Firstly check if your hair is in good health; as limp, damaged and dry hair will give you nothing but a dull look. At least one month prior to festive season, start oiling your hair regularly and wash with a mild shampoo followed up with proper conditioning method. Just few days before the celebrations, make sure you trim your hair to get rid of split ends. If you wish to colour your hair, do the “testing” first and then go ahead. Wrong hair colour can simply ruin the entire look. The internet is loaded with hair styling and images of different hair dos for varied lengths of hair. Select the right style that go with your outfit and personality. Careless beauty is “in” these days, thus look for loose braids, half ponytails, curls and braided buns.

hair styling

  • Make up and Glow – Maintain a well hydrated skin, which assures you a natural glow that no makeup can! Festive days definitely call for heavy makeup, which means your skin would hardly get a chance to breathe. Use the brand that you have been using, do not try new products unless you are sure about its suitability. Clean your face very well before bedtime and apply a mild night cream to replenish the skin. To restrict excessive sweating, you can apply ice packs 15 minutes’ prior applying makeup or oil control compact powders.


The above mentioned tips will not only make you dazzle this month of festivity but also create a new image of complete beauty and elegant personality.


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