My experience to my child’s Nursery Admission- Relax Parents; it’s not an end but just a starting!!!


So all set to introduce your little bundle of joy (and Mischief’s too) to formal world of education!!!

My daughter is the first child, we had no clue that so much pressure, tension, and bugbear is attached to the entire process of nursery admissions. Until last year, when I used to see the pictures of parents standing in long queues to merely to get the admission form, I used to wonder – is getting your child admitted in the nursery so difficult?  I was now and then advised by my friends and relatives – “you have one more year and next year you would have to stand in queues and run from pillar to post to get your child admitted in nursery class”.

And finally, my daughter turned 3 this April. I and my husband were all relaxed till we get a newsletter from her play school mentioning a meeting for “Nursery School Admission process”. To my surprise, when I attended this meeting I came to know that a school or two in Noida has already started the registration process (in the month of July). I was like April session and admission already started???? But these school set up these days are very very smart… sooner they start the registration and admission, more chances they have to get admission fees from parents to get a seat secured.

Just like other parents, we also searched the very own “Google”, join few online communities, and added few Whatsapp group to know about the latest developments in the admission process.  After short listing few schools of NCR, we started the admission process… first comes first (the checklist) got her Aadhar card done, passport size photographs (all 3of us), birth certificates and an immunization chart. So we were all ready with a file having this big pile of Photostat copies of all the documents.

After submitting around 4-5 forms (thankfully all of them were online submission and payment options), we went for the first interaction in a renowned school at Noida. Had no idea what actually an interaction would mean..? All through the way reminded my daughter of all the basic manners I have been teaching her over these 3 years.The process of interaction at the school was quite smooth and simple. The child was taken to the toy room to make her comfortable and then asked general questions about shapes, animals, and colors.

After the first interaction, we were a little confident of attending the others.  Since we had not filled too many forms for NCR, we attended a couple of interactions only and were selected for the admissions. So now the ball was in our court. Had a week’s time to submit the admission fees and it was 1Lakh + in all the schools. Withdrawing admission after submitting fees would mean getting refunded only 50% or even less in some of the schools. So after little calculations and analyzing the pros and the cons, we finally decided upon a school of Noida which is in existence for more than a decade.

The majority of the schools in NCR are more or less the same in terms of infrastructure, fees, activities, and other facilities. Few things that we were looking up to and made us decided upon a school included the following:

  • AC transportation (considering the boiling hot buses in summer months). We were not very particular about AC campus but for at least Nursery and KG, all the schools had the facility.
  • Timings of the school are not very long ( as going from playgroup to formal school for long hours would be a torcher for the little one)
  • They have transport facility from my residence location
  • The fees are within my budget ( believe me, there are some schools which are like exorbitant and were totally out of my budget)
  • And yes what amount they are refunding in case if I withdraw my admission.

So finally, considering the above points, we decided upon a good school in Noida (can call it good as I got positive reviews from, my neighbors whose children study in the same school).

The admission process, fees payment, and other formalities were all quite easy and smooth.  Considering the so called warnings from other parents in the last month, I would consider my daughter’s admission as a cakewalk. So now I am little suspicious, is the process really easy, we were lucky or we have done something wrong 

After discussion with my husband I realized, staying in Sarita Vihar (South Delhi) gives us the privilege to try for NCR schools as otherwise, Delhi schools have lottery and admissions can be really tough. So now we are relaxed as we have reserved a seat in one of the school.  As of now, we are planning to fill up Delhi forms only for a few selected schools. In case lottery proves lucky we have another choice and if not we have a nursery admission.

So the crux of sharing my experience is to convey to all the parents – relax dear parents, it’s not a war or a competition. Nursery admission is not an end but just a small step and a starting. Fill up the desired forms, attend interactions and be positive. If you get admission in a school of your choice, that’s great. But don’t be disheartened or try so called back door entries. There may be many other schools, may be not very known or popular, but quite decent in your vicinity. Try for them; check out the infrastructure, staff, and facilities. And I am sure they will prove to be really good.


Nursery and KG are primary classes where these little ones are simply made to learn to go to school and enjoy the same.  Do not expect academic excellence of plethora of activities. Let them have a simple and enjoyable life at school.

So let’s all enjoy the journey of our little cuties from play school to formal school. Let’s not make it a competition or a challenge. !!!!!

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