Tips for plus size fashion divas

Fashion tips for plus sie

Plus size fashion can be defined as the range of clothes that are appropriate for people having plump and heavy built body. These plus size clothes do not emphasize the body contours instead hide the flaws of the shape. Once, plus-size fashion was considered applicable only for those women of a larger size, but today plus size clothing are also opted by slim women who feels hugging clothes can itself be a fashion statement! There are umpteen companies and lines of clothes manufacturing companies who create lovely plus sized dresses of alluring styles, cuts and designs. Buying such clothes can be a chore if you are not a regular buyer. Here we place some useful advice to help you choose the right plus size clothing to make you feel and look good.

Wardrobe essentials for a plus size woman –

  • Plus Size Denim- You will get a great variety of cuts and styles with plus size jeans in the market. For a heavy built figure, boot cut jeans suit perfectly. In fact, this type look flattering on all kinds of body shapes. Choose the medium and dark wash jeans for best wear. Low rise and tapered ones are not for you.

Plus size deni

  • Little Black Dress– Don’t get raised eyebrows with this! Black is the colour that makes you look thin and any body type is sure to look alluring and trendy wearing simple black dress; the length has to be a couple of inches just below your knee.

Little Black dress

  • White T shirts – These white and simple T shirts can be matched with anything in the closet from jeans to skirts or pants. They will be a perfect wear on leisure days and also make you look stylish even if your curves are not that contoured.

white t shirt


What should you avoid while buying plus size clothing?

  • Shapeless clothes – It’s true that shapeless clothes hide the extra pounds on your body, but they don’t even look good on you! Instead look for styles that emphasize your favourite features and conceal the ones you do not wish to flaunt. Like tall and plump people should never go for vertical striped clothes or long slit gowns.

shapeless clothes

  • All Over and oversized motifs – If you are not slim and trim that does not mean that your prints should also be huge. The size of the motif on your clothes should match the size of your figure ratio wise. For instance, if you are tall, go for larger prints; while if you are petite, best ones would be smaller prints.

all over and oversized motifs

  • Tapered pants and jeans– The plus sized figures obviously do not have ice cream cone shaped tapered legs and therefore tapering pants are a complete NO. Better choice would be streamline pants that come down straight from your hip to the floor. Somewhat straighter or slightly flared leg would surely make them look longer and sleeker.

Streamline pants


Keep in mind body shapes and the best styles –

Even if you have a plus size figure, it can be categories shape wise. Essentially, all plus sized figures do not look likes boxes and cylinders; thus no need to fret there are countless fashion tricks to enhance your figure type and make it look slimmer than the real picture. Here are some body shapes and the best suited dresses for the same –

Body shapes

  • Inverted triangle – Women with this kind of figure usually have top-heavy appearance, with broad upper back, shoulders and medium to fuller bust. Proportionately smaller parts of your body are your hips, buttocks, thighs, and lower legs. Here are the dress options that would make you look slimmer and no less than those silver screen celebs –
  1. Well tailored, “V” neck wrap tops with “U” neckline that is knitted
  2. Jeans and boot cut pants
  3. Skirts at knee length and contoured waistband
  4. Jackets having belts
  5. Flared dresses

Inverted triagnle

  • Figure Eight – Usually curvy figures if gain weight can be termed as “figure eight”. The overall silhouette image of classic hourglass can be defined with your figure type. Your bottom would be probably heavier than the upper body; rounded hips and full thighs. Your waist will possibly have the “love handles” at the sides and the prominent mid-riff bulge at the back. The proportionate shoulders and shapely bust give you a perfect silhouette look; the upper arms might also be bit heavy. Here are your appropriate dress choices –
  1. Wrapped around tops with tied waist tops and belted tops
  2. Pants with straight legs or slightly flared cuts
  3. Knee length or just below the knee length skirts
  4. Scoop and V Neck dresses

Figure 8

  • Hourglass figure – This is a much yearned figure shaped for all women; but once you gain weight with this shape people think that the radiance is lost! But it’s just not true because this curvy shape with a very well defined waist, rounded and full hips and thighs can still look gorgeous with the right attire. The bust area is medium to larger size and the lower legs are proportionately slender with averagely built upper arms. These would be the best attire selections for you –
  1. Wrapped up tube tops, tied around waist tops or belted tops
  2. Just knee length or little below skirts
  3. Pants with straight leg cuts or slightly flared
  4. Waist length compact jackets
  5. Dresses having scoop and “V” necks


  • Oval shaped body – Women with this kind of figure will have prominent tummy with no prominent waist line, the bust area will be full and sloping shoulders. Your body will have more weight in the middle and upper torso. Your legs will be proportionately slender with thinner arms. Top attire designs ruling your wardrobe should be –
  1. Tops with “V” neck, empire waist or wraps
  2. Pants with boot cut, slight flares and back pockets
  3. Short skirts with A lined cuts
  4. Waist jackets that are clinched
  5. Full skirts, empire waists or A-line dresses

oval body shape`

  • Rectangle body shape – Women with this kind of shape will have a straight up and down figure, medium size bust, and not much clear waistline with moderate sized hips. The body looks columnar and boxy. The best dresses suited for your body shape are as follows –
  1. Pants with contoured waist line
  2. Surplice or wrap tops having the scooped “V” neckline
  3. Pencil skirts, A-lined cuts or skirts having frills at waist
  4. Cinched or biased jackets

Similarly, as discussed above there are many types of body shapes that can be pointed out amongst women having plus sized figure; but if the attires are chosen carefully the body weight and clumsiness can be hidden considerably giving a clean and contoured look.

Rectangle body shape

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