Interesting DIY Valentine Gift Ideas for your Special One !!!

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love to your partner and letting them know how special they are and as the day is coming near. You might be thinking about several ideas to pamper your better half so that they never forget the special day. Well, chocolates, flowers, gifts, and  cards make everyone happy but if you want to put in all your love in the gift, you should opt for making some DIY (Do It Yourself) gifts so that your partners feel loved to the fullest and cherish the special and unique gifts forever. Listed below are some interesting  Valentine gift ideas that will surely make your partner feel special:

  • Relationship Scrapbook

Everyone loves revisiting special moments in life and a relationship scrapbook is just perfect if you want your partner to relive all the cherishing moments spent between both of you. Make a scrapbook with decorative papers, paste pictures and write a chronology of moments shared between you both. This will indeed be one of the most memorable gifts for your partner.


  • ‘Reasons why I love you’ jar

What is better than telling your partner how much you love them? You can take a jar and write ‘50 Reasons why I love you’ on it. Make small chits with colorful papers and write a reason on each chit expressing why you love your partner. You can write their good qualities, compliment them and just give them the admiration they deserve.

I love you jar

  • Bottle lamp with love message

There are many wine bottles which we throw away but you can bring them to the best use by making a pretty bottle lamp. Paint the bottle, write a love message, decorate with glitters, threads or beads and put in your maximum creativity to revamp the bottle. Put fairy lights inside the bottle and voila, your lamp is ready.

Bottle lamp with love message

  • Love Coupons

Prepare coupons for your special person with the help of some attractive card papers, and decorate them. Make couples for ‘Free Kiss’, ‘Dinner Date’, ‘Massage’ “Cuddle’ or anything else you want, which can be redeemed by your partner whenever they feel like. This is surely one of the most interesting valentine gift ideas to make your special one pampered.

Love Coupons

  • 5 senses gift box

Include 5 senses- touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing and prepare five boxes for the same. Keep gifts like sunglasses for sight box, perfume for smell, chocolates for taste and headphones/musical CDs for hearing and decorate the boxes. You can even leave a lovely message in each box and make the gift more loveable.

5 senses gift box

  • Couple shot glasses

You can get customized shot glasses saying ’A couple that drinks together, stays together’ or any other similar quote you love. If getting it printed is out of your budget, you can even paint it by yourself with glass paints and present it to your love.


  • Bake a Heart shaped red velvet cake

If you are a decent baker, you can make red velvet cakes or brownies in a heart shape and give them to your partner. Not only will the relish on the tasty treat, but will also appreciate the efforts you put in for making this special gift with so much of love.

heart shape cake

So what are you waiting for, gear up and take your creativity to next level and get your partner fall head over heels for you with these Valentine gift ideas

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