Wish to look slim- change the way you dress

Look slimmer

Self-confidence hits low when you are insecure about your weight gain and you might become so self-conscious that you start hating yourself. Thankfully, fashion experts have come up with many solutions to this problem where with a help of some fashion tricks you can surely rebuild this lost confidence and feel and look skinnier too. The first general trick would be to garner attention on top to bottom view and never side wards, thus lessening the width seen. Now let’s have a look on some more tips and tricks

The correct foundation

  • Proper fit undergarments Especially when selecting a bra, it’s important to choose the correct one that would keep your chest in check and define your waist too.
  • Do not wear undergarments with no support The bikini cuts will not suit you. So go for style that will cover most part of the body and pull in your stomach, buttocks and thigh. This way the feel is tighter and smoother.
  • Opt for undergarments which are body-slimming Use a body shaper to create that shapely figure and hide the excess weight. The stomach and thighs which are the problem areas don’t jiggle around and is surely a great option for special occasions.
  • In a dress or skirt, go for a “control top” In hosiery material, this top is designed in such a way that it stretches over your stomach, keeping it in place. You end up looking better as the dress looks flatter.


Wear appropriate outfits

  • The right size Very tight clothes will reveal the flaws and the loose ones will actually make you look fatter. So go for clothes that fit to flatter you.
  • No boxy clothing People look bulkier in clothing which are in box cuts, especially jackets and tops.
  • Strict no to clingy clothes Avoid spandex or similar kind of clothing that clings to your body and reveals the folds, hence making matters worse.
  • Try out fabrics which are loose and flowing When the materials of your clothes simply drape over you, then all the contours of your body gets highlighted without being revealed at odd places.
  • Wear black Contrary to white, black creates a slimming effect and works wonders when you wear a skirt or trouser in this colour. But there is no need to overdo; otherwise the outcome might just be the opposite with a depressing and drab look.
  • Dark wash denims  Dark wash denim along with many rich colours like navy blue and dark olive not only creates that slimming effect but looks interesting too. Get the best fitted jeans as per your body shape.
  • Bold colours and patterns When you wear bold colours the defects of your body gets camouflaged and instead the observer gets keener on the dress pattern. Light colours do add to those imperfections, making you look large.
  • Monochromatic Colour schemes When you wear solid colours in large blocks, you tend to be observed top to bottom than sideways and therefore look taller and slimmer.
  • Wear more of V-necks and vertical necklines If you wish to make your shoulders and bust appear narrower, avoid boat necks and crew necks completely. Instead wear vertical and V necklines.
  • Flared pants If you wear skinny jeans or trousers, attention from the tapered leg will move towards the heavy bust and make your top look heavy. Boot cuts and straight leg pant styles always creates that lean look.

So follow these simple tips and tricks and make yourself look slimmer.




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